How to make repairs in the bathroom?

Summer is approaching. A wonderful time for relaxation, vacations, country houses, travel, and renovations. Specifically, apartment renovations. After all, not everyone goes to resorts during the summer. Many people strive to improve their living space in their free time. Therefore, it is relevant to talk about bathroom renovation.

To begin with, you need to clear the bathroom for renovation. You must be prepared for the inevitable appearance of trash and dirt, which are inevitable during any renovation. Next, you need to decide: will you do the renovation yourself or hire a master. In any case, it will be useful for you to draw up a small design plan. In which you can reflect the location of plumbing depending on the size of the bathroom, the color of the necessary tiles, the sequence of work, and other points that you consider necessary. In other words, you must clearly understand what the bathroom should look like after renovation.

After drawing up a plan, you can proceed with the simplest work. This is the removal of old tiles from the walls of the bathroom. Everyone can break and knock off tiles. The difference is that everyone does it in their own way. If you tackle this work with soul, you can cope within a day.

After knocking off the tiles, you will need to decide where your ventilation will be. With a poor ventilation system, there is little joy from a good renovation. If you decide to make a suspended ceiling in the bathroom, in this case, the extractor hood needs to be placed so that it ventilates the space between the suspended ceiling and the roof.

At the next stage, it is necessary to decide: what to do with the bath itself. Of course, you can throw away the old bathtub and replace it with a new one. But there is an optimal option. You can insert an acrylic liner into the old bathtub. It costs twice as cheap as a new bathtub.

The bathtub needs to be installed before you start laying tiles. But already after the completion of plumbing work.

Replacing and installing pipes is technologically the most difficult stage of renovation. It is better to entrust this matter to a plumber if you do not have such experience. It is very important to properly distribute the pipes.

Try to carefully observe the work of the master. Monitor the quality of waterproofing when working with the floor. There should be no cracks in the floor. You understand that this will lead to future problems with neighbors.

It will be better if the door to the bathroom is made of particleboard. If the door is wooden, even with excellent ventilation, cracks will appear on it.

And finally, your bathroom should have good lighting. After all, every day you look in the mirror, wash your face, etc. Moreover, lighting will add additional comfort to the bathroom atmosphere.

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