Bathroom Renovation: What’s Included in the Cost

When deciding to start renovations in the bathroom, we’re interested in the cost of such a transformation. The purchase of plumbing and building materials, expenses for wiring and lighting installation – and this is far from the entire list of potential costs. It is also necessary to take into account the cost of finishing works in the bathroom, and if necessary, re-planning.

Any bathroom renovation is preceded by the dismantling of old plumbing, tiles from the floor and walls. If a re-planning is planned, it is necessary to consider the costs of demolishing old partitions and constructing new structures.

The next stage of renovation involves preparing the walls for plumbing and electrical installation. Expenses are expected for purchasing pipes, fittings, and so on.

The cost of installation work will directly depend on the chosen material from which the pipes for cold \ hot water are made. The cost of plumbing work directly depends on the cost of the pipes: the higher the pipe price, the more expensive the cost of plumber services.

During the electrical installation work, possible costs for preparing walls for further wiring should be considered. The cost estimate will also include the installation of outlets and their connection, the connection of light fixtures, and the assembly of distribution boxes. The final cost of all electrical work depends on how many electrical points are provided in the bathroom, and also depends on the wiring scheme.

The final stage involves tiling the floor and walls. When planning the cost of renovating a bathroom, you need to consider the cost of purchasing mixtures for plastering bases, laying tiles for floors and walls.

When choosing tiles for walls and floor, it is necessary to consider that laying mosaic will cost more than regular ceramic tiles without picking up a complex pattern. At this stage, it is first necessary to level the walls, prepare the base of the floor, and only after that, you can start laying tiles.

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